10 Upgrades that Will Increase Your Rental Value

So you have a rental property that you want to offer furnished and you want to be able to ask for top dollar and attract professional clientele?  Follow this guide to raise your property from simply “standard” to “deluxe” and better.

A few upgrades can work wonders especially for the working executive who is in town on a contract assignment. Unlike the leisure visitor who is in Victoria for the attractions, the working executive is more interested in “cocooning” and making the accommodations a real home.

  1. Wi-Fi: one of the most important utility required by the executive set. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is the fastest and strongest you can get. Often these executives have to video-conference with colleagues over the internet as a condition of their contract so this element is crucial. Many tenants will be streaming media from the TV or computer so a strong connection is crucial.
  2. Electronics package: If you have a smart TV for streaming media that will make your guests very happy and barring that make sure that you have a wi-fi enabled blu-ray player so that media can be streamed. This will save on paying for premium TV channels as everyone likes to watch movies.
  3. An additional or all-in-one home theater sound bar featuring all the above is a huge bonus.

4.A Custom Closet does a lot to make the property unique and practical. A built-in closet with extra shelves, drawers and organizers –is absolutely fantastic and saves on having bulky bureau and dressers in the bedroom.

5. Good lighting and lots of it

6. Storage – or at least a place to put suitcases out of the way. Your executive renter is here longer than the average holiday guest and an extra place to put personal items will enhance the value of your property

7.Wine cooler: not necessary but a great addition for beverage storage.

8.Upgraded laundry appliances – that is better than what most builders supply is a fantastic upgrade as laundry can be done faster and more efficient

9. Bookcases: even one good book case can hold reading materials and help keep the place de-cluttered.

10. Beach towels, beach blanket, picnic essentials – very important if your property has a pool or sauna but equally important so that your tenants don’t have to take your good towels to the pool deck or local beach.

These are some suggestions that will make your place really stand out for for which you can charge top dollar.