If you have a RentalInvestment Property
We will help you market, rent and service it.


It’s all here. Get it Rented ~ Keep it Rented!


from initial contact to final contract

We offer full service sales. From fielding all inbound inquiries we direct prospective tenants to your property where appropriate.

From the initial call, we do it all. We take care of the entire sales process from inquiry to a signed rental agreement. Hands and headache free for our homeowners.

We field inquiries, do follow ups and email blast our corporate partners whenever we get a new listing. We are a boutique rental agency that punches above our weight, always working for you.


get it rented ~ keep it rented
  • The first step is to create your dedicated web page so that visitors to the site can see what you have.
  • The second step is to send out an email blast to all our corporate partners and current tenants to see if we can generate interest in the new listing
  • We use Google Ads  when we have several properties available in the same month/season
  • We are fortunate to have a lot of word of mouth referrals


we strive to be of value

We get it all lined up. Everything it takes to get your property rent-ready. From the pre-tenancy cleaning to the staging of the photo session we have it all worked out. Throughout the duration of tenancy, your property is cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule . We see to it that maintenance and repair issues are taken care of as they occur. Our aim is to return your property in the same condition it was received less fair wear and tear.


initial start up costs
  • LISTING FEE $299 plus tax (one time fee) includes photo editing and dedicated web page
  • PHOTOGRAPHY $275 plus tax (for properties 1200 sq ft or less) charges higher for larger homes/properties. The fees include still photos and a video walk through to really highlight the features of the property
  • AGENT FEE 16% for two bedrooms or more and 18% for one bedrooms
  • CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE with our crew and handyman (when needed). Our cleaning crew can prepare your residence for tenants and provide ongoing scheduled cleaning.
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companies we work with
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We have worked with Helena since 2009 and it was a very good decision. She has kept our property fully booked year after year and has taken care of all our property needs and the needs of our tenants. Excellent service, hard working and honest, you probably won’t find a better rental agent to take care of your rental property – hands free and headache free!

Paul T.

International Project Manager, ILM Consultants

We started in 2006 with Helena as manager of our penthouse and have never looked back. We were impressed at the level of service she is able to provide and the quality of renters we received and that she cared for our property as if it were her own. She was able to keep on top of maintenance and repairs as we could not be there. Sadly, we sold our penthouse last year so no longer employ her services but would very highly recommend.

E. Mawji

RE Investor, Woodbridge Holdings

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