Getting ready for your photo session may take some planning. There are a few staging rules you should apply before taking pictures of your property – remember,a picture is worth 1000 words

  • Always set the table – place settings with napkins, candles and wine glasses tell the viewer they can entertain with style and that your place is complete and refined
  • GET RID OF THE CLUTTER: Make sure the kitchen counters and any shelving or bookcases are thoroughly de-cluttered. Uncluttered space looks larger in pictures and much more inviting.
  • Your personal belongings, family photos etc should be put away for the shoot. Straighten up! Crooked window shades and curtains, lamp shades, picture frames, throw rugs, sofa pillows — all can show up glaringly in a photograph. Remove excess furniture so the room isn’t crowded.
  • Add as many pillows as is reasonable to beds, turning down the quilts/comforters a la Euro style.
  • TV’s should actually be turned on as they show better in a photo than just a black screen.
  • Add some flowers to the dining and or living rooms – this adds a nice focal point
  • In the kitchen a nice bowl of fruit will really set it off
  • Of course a clean home does shine through so hire a professional team to put some sparkle ‘n shine into it – if paint touch ups are needed get them done too
  • Find the most flattering angle of the room – walk around until you see a configuration that includes most of the features or highlights the main feature – take several angles. Often a corner of the room is best to shoot from.
  • Sunny days are probably best for outdoor photos – blue skies make your location appealing but overcast days are best for indoor photos where you can avoid the “light blast” coming in from windows. Close the blinds and use your flash for an even balance of light.
  • If you have a furnished patio/balcony two tall drinks, coffee cups and towel or other props shows how the space can be utilized
  • Many people suggest turning on all the lights – set your flash to auto so it fires when necessary
  • Use a step stool to rise a bit higher in the room and take a long shot
  • Pros use a tripod – no more shaky photos from a hand held


For best results consider hiring a professional photographer. Not only do they provide the technical and artistic skills as well as post-production skills. Your photos will be edited to check size, colour balance and contrast and will be suitable for online publishing.




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