1000 WORDS

Tips for best photos


Professional photos will communicate that you care about your property AND your guests’ experience at your property. 

  1. The most common photography mistake is poor lighting.
  2. Take the photos during the day, open all blinds and curtains so you can take advantage of natural light.
  3. Professional photogs usually turn all the lights on.
  4. If the room is naturally dark or you have dark walls turn on the TV – it will break up the heaviness of dark colored walls.

The angle of the photo

Make sure to get the angle of the room as if taken from a point of view of someone entering. Take different photographs of the same interior but from different angles, giving a complete impression of the room. Find the most flattering angle of the room – walk around until you see a configuration that includes most of the features or highlights the main feature – take several shots. Often a corner of the room is best to shoot from. Try shooting from “hip height” for a balanced photo.

If you kneel down or have the tripod low down, you capture more of the rooms features    

Photos with a min resolution of 1950 X 1080 will do best on most website.  Pros use a tripod – no more shaky photos from a handheld

Prepare Your Scene

Aim to make the property look a little like it’s actually being rented *but by a very clean & tidy renter.

  • Declutter. Personal belongings and clutter can easily make a property look very messy and chaotic.  Uncluttered spaces look larger in pictures and much more inviting.
  • Make sure that the bed covers are straightened and clean.
  • Avoid things that distracts the eye. For example, cleaning products, the rubbish bin, keys or papers.
  • Make sure the toilet seat is down!
  • Clear the kitchen counters. Only show a knife set or coffee maker, maybe a kettle on the stove but more than that and it looks cluttered. Don’t have tea towels in photos. Clear away any hand soaps or scrubbers from the sink. It’s ok to have a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter.


  • Set the dining table or eating space; 2 tier dinner plate and salad plate, wine glass, candle, napkins (you don’t need cutlery) – demonstrate what it will be like living there
  • Plain/Solid Color Bedding: Plain bedding is the only way to make your photos looking neat. Please do not put patterned or floral bed dressings, unless you are a decorator and really know how to make this work. It just does not look good.