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Why Us?

We specialize in mid-long term & extended stays


We grow — You grow with our advertising campaigns and synchronization of our listings with other online platforms. 

select full service or direct booking

Homeowners can choose which service level they require either full service or direct booking. Read more below!


Our professional and executives clientele are quality renters with a high net worth. They are often homeowners elsewhere and need temporary accommodations or have sold a home and are looking to buy. We pre-qualify your prospects as part of our added services.


Need a helping hand? Support or perhaps a consult? We are hear to help. Photography, videography, copywriting, pboto editing and more.

What We Offer

What is Direct Booking?

Elevate your business through DIRECT BOOKING. Clients looking to rent your property contact you (or your hired contact person) directly. You choose to whom you wish to rent. You set your rates. You keep the bulk of your revenue because you only pay our 1/2 month rent fee (annually). You only pay when you get a renter.

For Example

Trusty homeowner “Joe” finds a renter for $4000/mo. Our rate to execute the contract is $2000 (for the whole year!). If “Joe” gets several more renters during the year, he pays nothing! His annual referral fee has been satisfied.

What happens if subsequent renters pay less than $4000 due to market conditions?

If subsequent renter offer less than “Joe’s” published rate then we will provide a cash-back based on the average annual rent that he received.

For Whom is Direct Booking Suitable?

Direct booking is suitabe for local owners who want to save on fees AND have the time to conduct showings, answer inquiries and do the “leg work” of manageing their property. Local owner could also hire a contact person to take care of some of these duties but if they cannot fulfill that end then they should opt for our “full service package”.

Supplemental Services

Elevate your business with our supplemental services such as:

  • pre-qualified leads
  • lease-contract assistance
  • credit card processing
  • photo/video packages
  • dedicated web page

Get Started

Getting Started

We offer complete photo/videography packages starting @ $499 (size dependent)

Do I Need New Photos? 

If you already have high resolution photos done by a professional photographer, you may be able to save $  . . but they should align with our photo standards in terms of size and qualtiy. Our professional photographer can take your images to the next level. Good photos sell the property and this aspect should not be done “on the cheap”.

Do I need Videos?

Yes! Especially for those who are booking remotely. They need to see what the flow of your space entails and get a sense of the layout. Plus, a walk-through video will save a lot of time with “in-person showings”. A video can answer some of their questions right away without someone constantly running over to the property  with each new prospect. Your property will be head and shoulders above the others with a good walk-through video.


What is a Full Service Package

Busy or absentee homeowners will require a full and complete care package to run their local business. Our partners @ Iris Properties will take the reigns to provide a seemless experience for owners from fielding inquiries to vetting prospective renters, leases and agreements, complete tenant liason and so much more. A total “hands-free” experience for the homeowner. They charge 20% 

Full Service Services

  • fielding all inquiries
  • vetting tenants
  • contracts, leases
  • rent & fee collection
  • ongoing tenant liason
  • property care & maintenance
  • filing FormK’s


More Services

For our Direct Booking clients we offer some additional services,

  • support & consultation
  • credit card processing
  • custom leases & agreements
  • on-site viewings
  • Digital Guide Book

What are the costs for these additional services?

  • support & consultation (no charge)
  • credit card processing (5% surcharge)
  • custom leases & agreements (free consultation but a $45 fee for proprietory custom documents)
  • on-site viewings (availble if there is staff – $50/hr)
  • Digital Guide Book – $45

What is a Digital Guide Book?

A Welome or property “guide” book that can be printed as well as served in a PDF format to your tenants. The guide outlines the house rules, location of trash-recycling areas, Wifi codes, how things work and your contact number. Highly recommended!

What is Digital Marketing

Elevate your business through our marketing platforms utilizing Social Media and onlline advertising.

 What are Your Marketing Sources?

Our robust marketing plan inclusdes partnerships with staff recruiters, relocation companies, corporate placement services, insurance companies and direct contact with corporate head offices who may send employees to our area.

Where Else Do You Market?

We run Google Ad Campaigns quarterly unless we have no availability to offer. We also utilize FB groups, ads and other Social Media efforts to promote the brand and available properties.



Questions & Answers


Homeowners receive inquiries directly to them from prospective tenants. They select to whom they wish to rent. Owners must vet their prospects, arrange for turnovers and check-ins. With one low annual rate, keep more of your revenue.

What is Content Creation?

This refers to original photos of your property as well as a unique description. We can help you with both if desired with our in-house copy-writer and professional photog.


Direct booking allows you to set your own rate. Do some research first. Check out other listings on the site and price accordingly. Overpriced homes miss out on revenue opportunities.


No commissions. Keep  your income.  Price per property. Direct book for one annual fee of 1/2 months’ rent. Got more than one? Contact us for discounts.


Our in house team will review your content and possibly make suggestions. Once approved your page will go live ready for visitors.


For Direct Booking customers, you will have to look after your tenants and property yourself or hire someone to do so. If you need a licensed property manger, our parters Iris Properties are the best fit for the job. Already use a cohost? No problem you can set up your inquiries to go to your cohost or contact person if you wish.


If you need additional services beyond platform listing and full marketing, we also offer credit card processing and personal consultation (fees apply). Need a manager or co-host for daily operations or turn-over services?  We can refer a top photographer if you need one. We got you!


We get lots of leads from our website and also utilize Google ad & social media campaigns. We also have a database directory of past and present clients who will receive notice that your property is available for rent. Our listings automatically synchronize with other online rental platforms for maximum exposure.

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   “We approached Downtown Furnished rentals so we could tap into the mid-term market. This was a smart move on our part as we were able to shore up off season months plus take up the slack when our main OTA slowed down”

Mark A.

Private Condo Owner

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