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Furnish Your Apartment starting @ $6,000

See how you can furnish your property on time and on budget. Starting around $6000 for a 1BR and $9000 for a 2BR it’s fast, easy and economical to outfit your property with beautiful simplicity and modern design.

A Minimal Interior with Luxury Details.

This is the best recipe for form, function and an artful environment. Furnishings are mid-tier brand names and built to withstand reasonable wear and tear. Contemporary style with unfussy detailing, pieces serve as the basics to which accessories can be added as needed.

Add a Pop of Colour

Don’t be shy about adding a pop of colour especially if your color scheme is neutral or grey.


Receive Delivery

Assembly and Set-Up

Utilize space saving furniture if you have a tight space

Basics for a One Bedroom unit:

  • queen/king bed & headboard
  • 2 night tables
  • 2 reading lights/lamps
  • sofa and loveseat or armchair
  • coffee table
  • area rug
  • side table
  • floor lamp
  • TV stand

Accessorize with unique quality pieces. Mirrors are fantastic for bouncing light and opening up space. Don’t worry about buying wall art for your place just get some good looking mirrors and place them strategically.

Furnish Your Property on Budget

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Get Luxury Prices

How to Spell Luxury Add a level of elegance, charm or luxury to your furnished property with a few select details. Your executive guests will appreciate the styling and comfort efforts put into the property which translates into value and therefore the price you can...