Picking Up keys

Parkside hotel & spa 810 humboldt

Head over to the Parkside hotel for your envelope.

Approach the front desk

Ask for an envelope with your name on it from DIGITAL DESKS*

*! Important so they know where to look *Top drawer in the credenza as shown

inside your envelope


Your envelope will contain one keyset with a dual fob. This fob opens the garage and all access points in the building.


Play Video


Head East on Fort past Cook Street.

Slow down around Linden street and look for the parking ramp @ 1201 Fort. Check out the video for reference.

Your dual fob will open the security gates. Proceed to slip #30


Front entry access

Swipe your dual fob in the centre of the reader located on the front directory.

The front doors will open after fobbing the reader.

In the suite will be a “home guide” with Wifi codes and pertinent details about the property.

Something not working in your suite?
Open a support/help ticket here.
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Free Quote Oasis

Parking (one vehicle)
Monthly Cleaning


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