Your access instructions for your new home are provided here for your convenience. Please familiarize yourself with where to get keys and how to access your condo and  parking.

Welcome . . .I hope you have a great stay at 806-83 Saghalie Rd.


picking up keys


Go to the PARKSIDE hotel on Humboldt. There are several 15 min quick stop spots out front. Head to the main desk and ask for an envelope in your name from DIGITAL DESKS. They may ask for ID. Inside the envelope is your complete key set.


It is important that you mention Digital Desks so the hotel staff know where to look for the envelope.

*in the credenza behind them.

The Dual Fob

Dual fob

Opens All

The dual fob opens all entries to the building including the garage.

Simply swipe in front of readers located at the front, trash-recycling room, gym and elevator.

Use button#1 for the first garage gate and Button #2 for the second gate. 

your keyset

Your keyset will include the dual fob, one house key and one mailbox key.

Directions to the Suite


810 humboldt

Location to the Parkside Hotel on Humboldt

83 saghalie Rd

Location of the “Promontory” on Saghalie 

Front Door Access


83 Saghalie Rd

The main entrance to the building. This is the lobby level or “G” level where you will find the concierge, mailboxes and the concierge desk.

To the left is the enterphone and fob reader.


Using the fob on your keyset, simply swipe it at the “reader” (small black box to the left with LED light) and the door will open. Proceed past the front desk to the elevator bank.


Swipe your fob across the reader in the elevator to access your floor.

*Special Note* locate your floor level (#8) and be ready to swipe and select #8 as quickly as possible. If there is a lag the reader does not set.


Make a right turn after leaving the elevator then turn left to your front door. We will leave the light on for arrival.

Parking Instructions

Secure Parking


Follow the round-about to the fist security gate to the right of the building.

This level also features free visitor parking. Residents can then open a second gate to access secure private parking. 

garage fob

Use the garage fob to open both gates.

#1 for the first gate

and #2 for the second. Proceed to #86 on P2

Take the elevator up to the 8th floor for your suite #806

Trash & Recylcing

Trash & Recylcling

Head Down to P1

Exit elevator bank then turn right toward the visitor parking area.


Garbage/Trash room marked

A door marked for Trash & Recycling is adjacent to the entry to the visitors parking area.

Enjoy Your Stay!


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