Your access instructions for your new home are provided here for your convenience. Please familiarize yourself with where to get keys and how to access your parking.

Welcome . . .I hope you have a great stay at 1103-708 Burdett


The FALLS building is located at the corner of Burdett @ Douglas. The building can be accessed off of Blanchard @ Fairfield Rd.

Just down from the Greek restaurant “Ithaka” and across from “Table 21” the entry/lobby is recessed off of Burdett.



An envelope addressed to you will be left at the front desk of the PARKSIDE HOTEL 810 Humboldt.

Approach the front desk and ask for an envelope addressed to you from DIGITAL DESKS. This is the name of my key service provider.

Another set of keys will be  in the suite for you. The envelope will contain parking instructions and any other pertinent details.

Your parking spot is on P2 #152

buttons on the dual fob

#1 (grey) Opens the main gate to the parkade. This gate is open daily from 9am-6pm for retail customers

#2 (red) Opens the second security gate for residents of the FALLS

You need to Fob in as well as out of the secure parking area.



A short video was made to illustrate how to access your parking space. 

The entry to the building and the parkade is off of Burdett. The driveway in to the parking area is just left of the main entry/lobby.

Enter then bear right to the next secure gate where you will use your fob button #2 to open. Drive to your space #152. The elevator bank is close to your parking and you will swipe your fob against the ready to access.

access your apartment

Once you are parked, look for the exit sign to the elevator bank.

 Fob the reader at the side of the door for access.

Swipe the Fob (buttons facing out) in front of the reader in the elevator (black screen/red light) then select your floor level (11)