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^ 35.2%


^ 35%

Unique Visotirs Monthly

^ 14%

Why Us?

We're on top of Trends

We  get leads from everywhere …not just from the website.

Google Ad Campaigns | Social Media | Direct Booking | rental platforms and more

We're on top of Sales

We follow up leads with our fully automated sequence that turns leads into customers

We're on top of Management

. . .  of your property

Our team takes care everything before, during, and after occupancies. We’ve got your property covered, and we keep it sparkling clean and well maintained.

We are always in the market for quality furnished apartments, condos and homes

Our partnership with an owner starts with  Services and ends with Results. Our successful online marketing strategy, consumer inquiry response system and exceptional customer service allow us to deliver excellent occupancy rates and high per night revenue for our property owners.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our Revenue split is 75% to the owner & 25% Agency

Your onboarding process includes

  • adding your property to all our marketing chanels

  • completing a digitalized inventory file

  • photo session


Advertising & Digital Media


Need help with outfitting your property or interior design? We have in-house experts who will create your look and help you with purchases, assembly, installation and finishing details

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