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We are always in the market for quality furnished rentals

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Locations of interest are:

  • Downtown
  • Fernwood
  • James Bay
  • Vic West
  • Fairfield
  • and now Langford and Sidney

Our partnership with an owner starts with  Services and ends with Results.

Our Services


Social Media

OTA Channels

Google Campaigns

Digital Media

Your Dedicated Web page generating continuous leads.


Property management ~ Cleaning and maintenance routines, property inspection and more.

We provide linens & towels and restock your property as needed.


Our property management team will find quality tenants for your rental property, negotiate rates and collect funds
We provide ongoing tenant liaison so you don’t have to.


Need help with outfitting your property or interior design? We have in-house experts who will create your look and help you with purchases, assembly, installation and finishing details .

Why Us?

We  get leads from everywhere …not just from the website.

Google Ad Campaigns | FB | Instagram | Direct Booking | Inbound | rental platforms and more

We’re on Top of Sales

We follow up leads with our fully automated sequence that turns leads into customers 

We’re on Top of Management

. . .  of your property

Our team takes care everything before, during, and after occupancies. We’ve got your property covered, and we keep it sparkling clean and well maintained.



$ 875 .00

One Time Charges for getting you up and running

  • Listing Fee $200
  • Photo/Video Session $550 up to 1000 sq ft
  • Annual Marketing Fee INCLUDED!


$ 125 ./year INCLUDED

Annual Market Fee *Recurs on the anniversary of your listing

$ 55 ./month
  • EMPTY NEST FEE * optional
  • INSURANCE COMPLIANCE: Pertains only to vacant months and includes bi-monthly property inspection
  • Check with your carrier to find out more about insurance on an empty/vacant house

Helena Looby

Marketing Director/Coordinator

I broker executive housing and can fill your rental property with quality tenants. You won’t have to lift a finger, just enjoy a passive income. Now partnered with Iris Properties for more revenue opportunities.

Bookings confirmed by IRIS PROPERTIES

Contact me

Fill out the form so I can assess the rent potential of your property.

  • email:
  • Call: +1 250-220-2444
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