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on February 19, 2019


Add a level of elegance, charm or luxury to your furnished property with a few select details.
Your executive guests will appreciate the styling efforts put into the property which translates into care and value. It can affect the price you can charge for something not “run of the mill”.
Instead of artwork (or too much of it) try gorgeous mirrors. Strategically placed, mirrors can provide a “soul” into the property enhancing the illusion of space and/or reflecting an inspiring view.


Add some “bling” to either a dining area (chandelier), bedroom or bath (ceiling light fixture) or new fixtures to replace boring ceiling pendants. The preferred spot is over the dining table but I have seen bathrooms and bedrooms come alive with this addition. The new fixture should beautifully capture and reflect light, creating a perfect ambiance anywhere you put it. This blingy bright spot need not be an expensive crystal chandelier – a simpler style with a bit of bling will certainly do. The example shows a drum chandelier with shade.


Add a padded and upholstered headboard to your bed set-up. This will be far more comfortable for your guests than trying to prop up pillows so one can sit in bed and read or watch TV.
Again, this need not be expensive. Something practical and colour coordinated with your existing scheme will work well and add that extra touch of luxury that beds without will lack.


This element is one of the most important features of your rental home and should not be overlooked especially in the living room.  A big bonus to your property is adequate lighting. Unless your space is unusually large, ditch the old fashioned lamps on end tables that you may be using now, especially if your space is compact. A decent floor lamp, with arching tree-like branches or
arms will provide everything the room will need while embracing modern trends. Choose a fixture that provides ambient and task lighting to eliminate the need for additional lamp fixtures.


If you have chosen light, grey or neutral colours as part of your living room scheme try adding a pop of colour with select decorator cushions. Not too many though, like one or two (matching) in total.
Colour brings a little life into the picture and it shows your guests you have put some thought and care into enhancing their environment. If your colors are dark you might go for a contrasting balance when choosing your decorator cushions.


Less is more, especially in tight spaces.
By using a floor lamp that doubles as both ambient and task lighting in the living room, you can save on buy additional lamps and keep the room simple and decluttered.
Avoid fur or faux fur pillows. Cute at first but hard to keep clean and eventually they look
“ratty” like an unkempt pet. Male tenants tend to hate them.
Bedding is key in making the impression that your rental is clean and modern. Follow the hotel standard ~ duvet with washable cover or quilted coverlet. Avoid “bed-in-bag” bedquilts as they are often too hot and  hard to keep clean. Solid colors are best as they look classier than patterns in the selection of your  bedding. Try microfiber sheets for a soft, silk effect and sheets that don’t wrinkle..
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