Mid-Century and Urban Modern

How to Utilize the most Popular styles

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern style was born of the need for furnishings that fit smaller, post-war homes and were also lightweight and easy to move. The style has seen a resurgence in recent years because these continue to be important factors in our current lifestyles. Mid-century modern favors saturated, earthy hues – such as brown, orange, gold and green, but, if not used properly, those vintage colors can date a room.  The style has been popular for so long, there are now a lot of newer versions of MCM pieces on the market in current hues. Today’s look is a bit more contemporary – and that’s how urban modern came to be. The design is the current-day solution for those who love the sleek lines and interesting shapes of MCM but prefer a home that doesn’t feel like it’s straight out of the 50’s!


MCM favors saturated, earthy hues – such as orange, gold, brown and green. Home designers are encouraged to select the right color family and current hues to avoid dating their space. The best and most contemporary choice is Urban modern focusing on softer shades and leaning toward a neutral color palette. Try for a soothing backdrop of warm creams and beiges that complement an earthy, industrial color scheme.


MCM tends to use a lot of natural materials like wood, leather, and stone. Furnishings feature wood frames and sturdy, low-pile materials. Teak, walnut and rosewood are popular for everything from chairs and tables to credenzas and hutches

Urban modern is both rugged and soft with a combination of rough wood, iron, and steel mixed with plush, luxurious materials. Think soft, cushy seating paired with wood and metal side tables.

Lighting and Aesthetics

Instead of filling your home with knick-knacks and decor, let the clean lines and interesting shapes be the center of attention. Highlight a few pieces of great artwork even Live Edge furniture. When you don’t have a lot of decor, lighting can act as decoration. Urban modern lighting has an industrial edge with metal and wood fixtures and exposed filament light bulbs. MCM lighting commonly features geometric shapes with brass accents and long arms.

Popularity & Durability

Whether it’s mid-century modern or its close cousin, urban modern, the love for sleek and minimal interior design continues to have a hold on everyone. When you are decorating for a wide range of potential renters you can’t really go wrong with a hybrid of these styles.

Vintage or current purchases are built to be long wearing and long lasting. This is important in maintaining a universal appeal that is practically bullet proof. Sleek, minimalist styling allows your renters to inject their own personality into the rental making it not just a house, but a home.

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