Make your Landlord Happy Part 2


landlords and renters don’t have to be at odds

Having a good history with your landlord is vital to ensuring that your landlord will be more willing to assist you if you come across a rare late payment or simply need a good reference for a future rental. Part 1 talked about the first 5 ways to become the ideal tenant
This time, we will talk about the last 5 ways to become an excellent renter and develop a great landlord-tenant relationship.


It’s true that your landlord is responsible for most maintenance issues, but if you want a truly happy landlord or property manager be sure to tend to some general maintenance and care for the rental as you would your own home. This means ensuring that the HVAC is not damaged because the filter was not changed regularly, or that pipes are prepped for winter cold. Dryer lint traps need to me cleared out regularly and clogged shower and sink drains should be cleared out periodically. Magic Eraser is “magic” when it comes to wiping off hand and finger marks from walls, switches and door frames.


Having renters insurance is vital to protect your belongings and convey to your landlord that you are a responsible tenant. Renters insurance can even cover damages should you cause unintentional harm to the property or if  flood occurs in an adjacent suite causing damage to yours. Renters insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, and can even offer coverage on your valuables outside of the home.Be sure to take a complete inventory of your belongings in case you ever need to file a renters insurance claim.


If you want a happy landlord, you must follow your lease agreement down to the “T”. Many renters will look at a lease agreement as a mere formality that consists only of general guidelines regarding the rental and its respective rules. However, ignoring the details of your lease terms will guarantee a rocky relationship with your landlord, and could result in additional fees or even eviction. Pay attention to small details in the lease like who is responsible for snow removal, the use of nails when decorating your apartment or if you are allowed to keep pets or adding an additional party as a tenant or occupant. These rules may seem nitpicky, but your landlord likely has specific reasons for their implementation, and failure to follow those rules could result in security deposit deductions, fines or even eviction.


The tenant that makes their landlord happy to have, is not the tenant that calls at all hours of the night and day to complain about minor issues. Alerting your landlord to maintenance issues is important–and can even save time and money if prompt alerts prevent damage from getting worse. However, constantly requiring special attention will make your landlord weary of your tenancy. You’re better off resolving small matters on your own, change your own light bulbs and deal with bad neighbors professionally on your own. Keep your complaints to a minimum and remember that you are not your landlord’s only priority, this will both keep your landlord happy and ensure that if you ever must make a complaint, it is taken more seriously.
Having a great relationship with your landlord can make your tenancy a breeze, and can put you first in line to keep your dream apartment when your lease is up for renewal.
Keeping your landlord happy is definitely in your best interests as a renter. Having a great relationship with your landlord can make your tenancy a breeze, and can put you first in line to keep your dream apartment when your lease is up for renewal. See Part 1

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