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What services does Job Board Provide?

We are posting leads and inquiries from outside parties looking to come to Victoria and Vancouver Island. These are normally, leads that we cannot fulfill due to lack of inventory or date conflict.

How can I request a consultation ?

Easy, simply give us a call (250) 220-2444

What kind of leads are posted?

Generally, leads on the rent board have at least responded to us via email or phone call and are not just “tire kickers”. Later we hope to open up the leads section for 3rd parties to post their own inquiry which may or may not be validated.

How does this all work?

Basically, you apply to the lead you feel you can help. Input your details and contact information so we can create the match.

What Fees are associated with rent board?

There is a one time fee of 5% of the total value of the lease you provided. It is payable only for confirmed bookings. This is a one-off approach. If however, you wish to also list with us on a permanent basis and receive ongoing inquiries please read more about “adding your property

How is the 5% Collected?

We bill your client for the 5% booking fee from your holding deposit and submit the balance to you. There are no other fees beyond that.

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