To create a more relaxing space, people are kicking clutter to the curb. If you are at this stage this might be good time to recycle.

Whether it’s a messy bookshelf or too many dust collectors, clutter makes a space look smaller than it is.

TIP* Get rid of duplicates! Whether its an extra can opener or superfluous furniture pieces pair it down.

As the clutter goes, we create more serene room environments by adopting a minimalist style. This means intentionally promoting  things with the highest purpose and value while at the same time making possible a clean aesthetic.

Switch out dated styles.

For large spaces use strategically placed table lamps and for smaller spaces modern, minimalist floor lamps that provide several types of lighting will work best.

Get rid of gaudy lamps like in the photo and anything that spells “grandma”.

For the last 5 years the trend has centered around “neutral” colors for main living room pieces. Muted greys, beige, cream and white were the selected backdrop colours.  Essentially fairly drab. 

The new trend is now toward some dramatic color for a feature wall. If you do retain a neutral pallet than use a pop of color  with accent pieces like throw pillows and area rugs.