Selling Your Rental

“love at first sight”

Create the "feeling" people are looking for

Buying or renting a property is largely based on the feelings one derives from the look of the place. Make your property a “love at first sight” entity and keep it fully occupied at the best rates.

Virtual tours are now more important than ever. Prepare your home for showing in the best light possible.

  1. Create an excellent first impression online and make your place head and shoulders above the rest.
  2. Rent your property faster and for a higher price by making it a real home away from home.
  3. Create a focal point
  4. Add textures and a pop of color to accent the space
  5. Define the function for each room 


Artwork is important but doesn’t need to be expensive.

It should be large and colourful and tie in a focal point or general color pallet of the room. Artwork brings drama, opens up rooms, brings the focal points forward and adds a touch of luxury elevating your property.


Adding an extra layer or pop of colour to any room is easy – just add pillows!

  • Color make sure the colors jive with your overall pallet and add interest and pizazz
  • Avoid those fuzzy, furry pillows; while they look cute they are hard to keep clean especially in the age of covid
  • Pillows create texture, interest and comfort as well as a touch of luxury
  • For bedrooms keep decorator pillows to a minimum for the sake of practicality

Lighting and Colour

1. Make sure your space has the right lighting; ambient and task lighting.
2. Transform rooms with the perfect paint color; neutral paint colors show best in a video 
3. Highlight the best features
4. A spotless sparkled in photos
5. Choose furniture to scale  to make space appear larger, add flowers/fruit to the kitchen table for a splash of color, and arrange decor in odd numbers to achieve balance.
6. Have professional photos taken


The feelings you want to evoke when people view your master bedroom is comfort, luxury, relaxation, elegance and calm. Think a posh hotel.

Quality mattress, linens, bed with a headboard are the just the start. Practical features such as reading lamps and a 2nd TV are a great addition.

Blackout blinds or drapes will pull it all together in how you want your master bedroom look & function.

Make sure there is adequate storage for clothing. If the room is too small for dressers or bureaus then consider a custom built-in closet.