Style and Comfort

With furnished accommodations style is supreme. Furnished properties need to provide modern and contemporary furnishings that are not more that a few years old. Nothing beats a high quality mattress and that investment will last awhile and keep the tenant longer.


Renters love amenities. That could mean the building has a gym or pool or the property is near a rec center. It could also mean that all or most of the amenities are included. That’s a big bonus for renters of furnished properties staying short or mid-term. Don’t overlook storage as an amenity. Never the top of mind until needed, storage provides the easing up of space where suitcases, books and memorabilia can be stored.


Providing these comforts and amenities for  the tenant that you care about the property and about the comfort of tenants, which is always a major concern.

What Renters Want

A great location

The perfect location more than offsets a premium rent. Better to pay extra and rent with parking and be able to walk to work than to have to commute and look for paid parking downtown. Most parkades have a wait list for monthly parking stalls.

Value and Price

Today’s renter is looking for value and price. There is a big difference between the two and once a great value is perceived then the price is pretty much justified.


A safe environment is a powerful motivator for great tenants. If you’re worried that your car or home is going to be broken into, it can be hard to sleep at night.


Even in this urban world of easy cycling and bike lanes people still want parking. Street parking is better than nothing but designated parking is best.


Today’s modern contemporary suites must have dishwashers and washer-dryer especially the upscale properties there is just no getting around that. Full size appliances are best and tend to hold up with long term use.


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