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Helena Looby

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Strive not for success but to add value

Albert Einstein

My Story

I  arrived in Victoria a “donkeys age” ago. I came for a visit and just never went back. For me, it was love at first sight. Everywhere you look there is beauty. The ocean, the mountains in Washington state, Sooke hills, downtown Causeway, beauty is everywhere. Any place that hangs blooming flower baskets from the lamp posts each summer can’t be all that bad so I decided to stay.
And now I enjoy sharing my city with everyone who comes to stay or play. It’s the best place in the world.

The island factor will raise its head constantly, in ways you won’t think of.

  • You can’t escape (it’s an island)
  • No one can visit (same as above)
  • Real estate is crazy expensive especially with respect to average incomes.
  • Ferries: If you want to get off the Island often, this is expensive and time consuming. 
  • Food costs are high because just about everything is brought over by Ferry
  • You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than finding a family doctor who is accepting patients
  • Living here, you won’t have the advantages of a big city where you can step out your door and be presented with a huge menu of options
  • A lovely small city which seems to have engulfed the population with its smallness of vision and seemingly proud of it.
  • Everyone already has all the friends they need (unless they are new to the city) and although friendly enough, speaking when spoken to, don’t expect to be invited to Sunday dinner.
  • If you are from a large city you will miss quality shopping and nightlife

Your Mileage May Vary


furnished apartments

I have worked in the hospitality, hotel industry for a number of years and bring a lot of experience to the housing industry. Working for several rental agencies in town, in 2006 I began my own service. I thought I could do a better job than the agencies I worked for particularly in customer service. For me that is the heart of the business.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Victoria or if your are permanently relocating here I think you will be glad you made this your new home.

“The mountains and ocean will make up for anything you have left behind.”

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The Best Place in the World




IT; creative; sales;

  • Marketing 90% 90%
  • Customer Service 95% 95%
  • Management 89% 89%
  • Sense of Humour 100% 100%

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