I came to Victoria on holiday a “donkey’s age” ago. I fell in love and never left.

This is my story and the story of many who come here for a short trip and decide to stay. No matter where you live in the city, wherever you look you see beauty. Whether it’s sunset, forest, greenery, the ocean, harbour, hills, sea and sky, beauty is all around.  How bad can a place be where lampposts are festooned with  bloomin’ flower baskets all summer and thousands come each year to take in the natural beauty and the charm of Victoria.

Came to play, chose to stay . . . .

Victoria, a city made entirely out of gingerbread

The crown of the city is the Causeway or inner harbour full of colour and sound all year ’round. The backdrop to the Causeway is the iconic Empress Hotel, the jewel in that crown. Victoria is a small city dotted with gingerbread charm with big city amenities.  Plenty of ethnic diversity is reflected in our cultural events and restaurants. It’s still a growing city and I enjoy sharing it with business and leisure travelers alike – so welcome All!

The secret of our success?

Customer Service

If you get that right you have customers coming back time and time again. It’s a lot cheaper and more efficient to keep your current customers happy than chasing after new ones. It’s also a great way to foster goodwill. A great reputation in customer care and service takes you a long way and is something money and advertising can’t buy.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

Albert Einstein

Helena Looby

CEO – chief of everything officer

Established “downtown furnished rentals” in 2006 and has been growing the service over a number of years. I enjoy meeting people and if I can help with a problem – great. I have always strived for quality over quantity in just about everything I do. This means I will never be rich but that’s okay because personal fulfillment is more valuable.

  • Customer Service 95%
  • Sales & Marketing 85%
  • Duty of Care 90%
  • Admin and Web Services 75%
  • Sense of Humour 100%

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