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Wood Magic

Scratches on wooden furniture are inevitable. Here is a cheap and easy method . . . … Read More

Protocols CoronaVirus

We now know that the Coronavirus spreads through air-borne droplets which is why social distancing is so important. It is also spread … Read More
Excessive moisture leads to condensation mildew, mold and health issues. The source of that condensation can be … Read More
Professional photos will communicate that you care about your property AND your guests’ experience at your property.  The most common rental photography mistake is . . … Read More

Dine Around 2020

Easily Victoria’s most anticipated foodie event, Dine Around & Stay in Town 2020 (Dine Around) will take place … Read More
A rental lease contains all the important terms and conditions for renting a property. Which type of lease is best for you?   … Read More