Protocols CoronaVirus

STAY SAFE TOGETHER REMAIN CALM AND CARRY ON CORONAVIRUS We now know that the Coronavirus spreads through air-borne droplets which is why social distancing is so important. It is also spread through touchpoints which is why you should consider wiping … Read More

FAN-TASTIC – Fight Condensation

FAN-TASTIC – Fight Condensation Tips for controlling condensation CONDENSATION Excessive moisture leads to condensation mildew, mold and health issues. The source of that condensation can be showers, baths and steam from the kitchen, You could consider window upgrades, but effective … Read More

A Picture Worth 1000 Words

A picture is worth 1000 Words Tips for getting the best photos LIGHTING Impressive, professional photos will communicate that you care about your property AND your guests’ experience at your property. The most common rental photography mistake is poor lighting.Take the … Read More

Fixed Term or Month to Month?

Leases: Fixed Term or Open? pros and cons FIXED-TERM LEASE A rental lease contains all the important terms and conditions for renting a property and  range from fixed-term to open or month-to-month.  Which type of lease is best for you?  A fixed-term … Read More


WHAT RENTERS WANT Attracting the executive sector Location, Location The perfect location more than offsets a premium rent. Better to pay extra and rent with parking to be able to walk to work than to have to commute and look … Read More

Furnished or Unfurnished

Furnished or Unfurnished Pros and cons  Renting Your Space Renting your space is probably the reason you invested in Real Estate in the first place. Now you have to decide whether to offer it furnished or unfurnished. There are benefits … Read More

old What Renters Want

The perfect location more than offsets a premium rent. … Read More


after the Real Estate feeding frenzy, we are starting to see rental rates drop … Read More

La La Land

It’s no secret that moving to Victoria is a good idea, maybe even a great idea especially . . . … Read More