5 Tips to irresistible Light, Airy Spaces

  1. Choose a focal point—a fireplace or windows with a view are the usual choices and position your seating arrangement around it. And remember: You want prospective renters to imagine themselves actually living in and using your space. Arrange seating areas where they sit comfortably and see something exciting, an art piece, or a beautiful view.
  2. Create a Vibrant and Seductive Ambiance: Make your home a visual delight with vibrant and charming décor items. Add splashes of color with stylish ceramics, decorative cushions, and throws. Beautiful ceramic bowl centerpieces can be a focal point on their own. These enchanting touches will surely captivate potential renters and make them fall in love with the space.

It’s the feeling that sells everything.
Including rental spaces.
Create the right one to help rent yours.

Bedroom: king or queen?

Hello slippers and a glass of wine

3. When designing the bedroom, consider the balance between space and comfort. Opt for a king-sized bed if your space allows, ensuring there is ample room to move around comfortably. Save space with wall lighting, serving as both functional and stylish reading lamps. Custom closets will keep the bedroom sleek and minimalist, eliminating the need for additional dressers.

wall sconce

Master the Art of Lighting:

4. The right lighting can transform your space into a warm and cozy haven. Use table lamps and wall sconces in bedrooms for a more intimate ambiance. In living rooms, incorporate at least three sources of light, such as overhead ceiling lights, arched floor lamps, and tall floor lamps, to add depth and warmth. A stunning chandelier in the dining/living space will elevate the overall ambiance, making it feel luxurious and sophisticated.


Decorating is much more than filling a home with furniture. It’s about creating a home with warmth and symmetry.”

Embrace Scandifornian Style

Hello slippers and a glass of wine

  1. Discover the allure of Scandifornian style, which blends coastal, bohemian, industrial, and midcentury elements to achieve a calming, bright, and airy, minimalistic design. Emphasize clean lines, natural materials, and a soothing color palette to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that renters will find utterly irresistible.

By implementing these 5 expert tips, your space will become an oasis of light and air, enchanting potential renters with its irresistible charm and style.

wall sconce


These design elements should be avoided as they are often hard to keep clean and/or going out of style as well as undesired by renters.

  • Animal skin rugs
  • furry pillows/cushions
  • shag rugs
  • large sculptures
  • plastic plants
  • busy pieces of artwork
  • heavy bookshelves
  • excess bed pillows
  • quotes (letters) on walls
  • clutter

. . . create a feeling that draws prospective renters into your world