DOWNTOWN FURNISHED RENTALS (DFR) is a Platform offering an online venue that enables users (“Members”) to publish, offer, search for, and book housing and services.

Members who publish and offer housing and services are “Housing Providers, Owners or Agents” and Members who search for, book, or use services are “Renters, Guests or Tenants.”

Owners, Housing Providers, or Agents, responsible for offering accommodations (referred to as “Accommodations”), initiate this process by creating a “Listing.” This listing is made available for public view, allowing prospective tenants to apply directly to the owner or housing provider. The autonomy of these providers extends to setting their own rates, assessing potential tenants, collecting fees, generating rental documents, dispensing keys, and providing comprehensive support to their clients.

To Clarify

It’s paramount to note that Downtown Furnished Rentals does not possess ownership, control, or management of any Listings. We do not partake in the agreements formed between Housing Providers and Renters, Tenants, or Guests. Furthermore, we do not operate as real estate brokers, travel agencies, or insurers. In any scenario, DFR does not act as an intermediary for any of our esteemed Members. In conjunction with these guidelines, we maintain additional terms and policies, such as our Privacy Policy, detailing our procedures for collecting and utilizing personal data.

Housing Providers

For Housing Providers, it is incumbent upon you to comprehend and adhere to all pertinent laws, regulations, rules, and third-party contracts associated with your business.

Upon accepting a booking, you directly enter into a contractual agreement with the respective renter, tenant, or guest. It is your sole responsibility to provide the housing services as outlined in your Listing, adhering strictly to the terms and pricing specified therein.

With relation to DFR, your association is that of an independent individual or entity. Housing Providers are expected to maintain their own records, including the collection of damage deposits, which, as mandated by law, must be refunded to the tenant within 14 days of tenant departure. This adherence to legal protocols is non-negotiable within our community of trusted Members.

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