It’s the feeling that sells everything. Including rentals.



You may have heard about the focal points an important topic and worthy of more attention.

How does your property make the viewer feel at first sight?  What grabs attention, what stands out and what features are alluring enough for your renter to forgo all other listings and select yours. Conversely, what might drive them to pass on your property?


There are different ways to make a room interesting. Start by removing all small items as they create visual clutter. Create a point of interest by hanging a large painting in the living room, updating a chandelier in the dining add a tall headboard in the bedroom.

Chances are you may have built-in focal points already, so make sure they are emphasized: window seats, kitchen islands, built-in shelving units, vaulted ceilings, cozy fireplaces or over height windows.

Create a Vignette

The “Vignette”: a large piece of furniture, a sculpture, a grouping of furniture and decor items these create focal points where none exist naturally. Think of it as creating a beautiful still life. Focal points are so important because they also create a restful feeling of order, calm, and harmony.

Build your vignette around a light source. Use color to coordinate the room. Place several objects of similar shape, size and color together in odd numbers for maximum impact. Groups of three or five work.